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netstat Command Options - Exercise

Other netstat command options

Netstat command options (Linux)

Objective: Match the netstat command options to their correct description.

Exercise scoring

You will receive 5 points for this exercise. When you have completed the exercise, click the OK, I'm Done button to receive full credit, review the solution, and continue with the course.


In the left column below are seven netstat options; their corresponding definitions are in the right column. Match the option in the left column with the definition in the right column to make a match.
When you think you have all the options and their definitions matched correctly, click the Submit button and you will see whether or not you have matched the terms correctly. When you have completed the exercise, click the Submit button to see the correct answers.
  1. -a
  2. -t
  3. -u
  4. -c
  5. -i
  6. -n
  7. -s
  1. Generate continuous output.
  2. Report on TCP connections.
  3. Generate TCP/IP statistics by|||protocol.
  4. Report on UDP connections.
  5. Report on all connections, not|||just active ones. Used to see|||listening servers.
  6. Use IP numbers, not names.|||Useful if name service is broken.
  7. Generate interface-specific information.