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Check Status of Portmapper Process using Solaris

Here are the steps you needed to follow to successfully complete this simulation:
  1. You are logged in as root. Issue the command to verify that the rpcbind process is running on your system.
    ps -ef | grep rpcbind
  2. You have verified that rpcbind is running. The rpcinfo program is a diagnostic tool that allows you to issue a test RPC call to an RPC server. If the server is running, it will send back a response. The information contained within this response informs you about the ports that have been mapped by rpcbind. Now, issue the command to learn about its status on your own system.
    Solution: /usr/sbin/rpcinfo -p localhost
  3. You have tested your own system. Let's assume that other UNIX systems running rpc exist on your subnet. These systems include,,, Now, use rpcinfo to test the system with the IP address of
    Remember: You have not set the PATH for this command, so remember to specify the location of the program (/usr/sbin/).
    /usr/sbin/rpcinfo -p