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QoS mechanisms

1) QoS Admission Control Service (QoS ACS) administers subnet bandwidth resources necessary to ensure QoS transmission of data for a server

2) Subnet bandwidth management (SBM) is a service that manages the use of network resources on a shared segment, or subnet.

3) RESV is a signaling protocol that enables the sender and receiver to set up a reserved QoS high-way between them. The RESV message carries the reservation request to each router and switch along the communication path between the sender and receiver

4) Traffic control chooses the traffic lane across which the packets travel. The traffic controls service has two components that work together to determine the traffic lane. The traffic control service components include: Packet classifier: The packet classifier separates packets into queues based on their priority and tells the packet scheduler how fast to empty the queues.

5) Packet scheduler. The packet scheduler manager the queues set up by the packet classifier. It retrieves packets from the queues and sends them across the QoS-reserved highway.