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Optimizing IP performance on Network - Exercise

Identify Network Traffic

Objective:Optimize IP performance by identifying network traffic use.


This exercise is unscored. You will be presented with a troubleshooting scenario, but unlike Problem Solver exercises, you will not submit your response to a tutor. Instead, you will work offline. Click OK I'm Done when you are finished to view the results.

The scenario

The network support staff monitors and evaluates network traffic on a scheduled, periodic basis. As a part of the management design, they examine network utilization and characterize network traffic. Over the last few months, they have noticed a marked increase in network utilization. Upon closer examination, they have determined the source of the traffic is an unsupported application that heavily uses the network on a peer-to-peer basis.

Your task

Your job is to provide recommendations to the support staff to restrict the use of the unsupported application:
  1. Create a strategy for diagnosing and solving the problem.
  2. Think about how you might determine the source and destination IP addresses, and what installations will be necessary toremedy the problem.

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