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IP Configuration Strategies - Exercise

TCP/IP Features

Problem Solver: IP Configuration Strategies

Objective:Troubleshoot an IP configuration strategy.


This Problem Solver exercise is worth a total of 5 points. Once you have completed your solution, you will submit it to a tutor.

The scenario

Your organization's network design includes an IP configuration strategy that uses DHCP. The technical support staff is currently dealing with a large number of connectivity problems. Upon restart, a specific group of computers lose connectivity to the rest of the organization. Upon closer examination, the technical support staff determined that, in all cases, the TCP/IP configuration of the computers in question matches IP addresses and subnet masks outside the organization. Additionally, after another restart, the problem usually seems to be resolved. The technical support staff has escalated the problem to the second-tier support staff, and they have escalated the problem to you.

Your task

Provide recommendations for resolving the problem.
  1. What design-related solutions will aid in the resolution of these configuration problems?

Submitting your solution

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