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IP Configuration Methodologyv - Exercise

Subnet Configuration and Design

Objective: Suggest design changes to restore performance and provide for additional growth.


This exercise is unscored. You will be presented with a troubleshooting scenario, but unlike Problem Solver exercises, you will not submit your response. Instead, you will work offline. Click Submit when you are finished to view the results.

The Scenario

An organization has a TCP/IP network of approximately 2,400 users. The network has 30 subnets total, and three of the subnets are connected to remote locations. The network support staff has reported that a number of subnets are significantly below the performance criteria specified in the network design. In addition, upon reviewing the allocation of IP addresses within subnets, you determine numerous subnets have used almost all of the IP addresses available to the subnet.

Your task

Create a design to restore performance and provide additional growth for each subnet.
  • List the strategies and reasons for your suggested design.

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