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Evaluate a network design - Exercise

Translating organizational goals into a design

Objective: Evaluate a network design based on an organization's needs.


You will receive 5 points for this exercise. Enter your response in the text box below.

The scenario

You have been assigned the task of evaluating a network design. The organization has supplied you with specifications and documentation describing the goals of the organization. How can you translate these goals into an effective networking services design?

Your task

You are the administrator of a small, single-segment network that has 50 network clients. Your boss has given you a list of requirements for the network and how he wants them implemented.
These requirements and implementation tasks include:
  1. Provide Internet access for all the computers on the network. Your boss wants to put connect a modem to the server and have all the users connect to the Internet via the server.
  2. Internet access should be very fast so that users can download large files in the shortest time possible. Your boss will get a 56K modem to accomplish this.
  3. The server will have Windows 7 installed and the network clients will have Windows 10.
  4. A high level of security is required because the business is a healthcare related venture.
  5. All computers on the network will use public IP addresses.

Using the basic guidelines of functionality, security, availability, and performance, how would you assess your boss's plans with respect to each of these aspects?