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Lesson 10

Shell Script Conclusion

In this module you learned commands commonly used in shell scripts
  1. to find a file,
  2. determine file size, sort, and
  3. search file contents.

You also learned how to pause your script to display a message for several seconds, tee the output of a command to the screen and a file, and how to clear the screen. You will be using many of these commands to complete the course project.

Key commands

This module covered the following commands:
  1. find/li>
  2. grep
  3. sort
  4. tee
  5. wc
  6. clear
  7. sleep

Key Terms

This module covered the following key terms and concepts:
  1. Options
  2. Regular expressions
  3. redirection
The next module shows how to spot some frequently found shell script errors and demonstrates techniques for ging your shell scripts.

Search Player Script - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to begin working on the course project.
Search Player Script - Exercise