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Lesson 6

Embedded command execution conclusion

In this module, you learned to assign the output of a command to a variable. You also learned the difference between embedded command execution and output redirection. We looked at some useful and non-useful ways to use embedded command execution, and explored a complex command containing an embedded command.

Key commands

This module reviewed the following UNIX commands:
  1. date
  2. hostname
  3. wc -l

Terms and concepts

This module introduced you to:
  1. embedded command execution
  2. Pipes
  3. Cat
  4. Environment variable

In the next module, a feature of the shell called job control will be discussed.
You can use job control to manipulate processes and to push longer tasks into the background from your interactive shell or from a script. You will also learn how to start commands that will continue to run after you logout.

Embedded Syntax - Quiz

Click the quiz link below to test your knowledge of embedded command syntax and features.
Embedded Syntaz - Quiz