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Lesson 8 The –c option to grep
Objective Use grep/ Count number of lines matching pattern.

–c option to grep

Use grep to count the number of lines matching a pattern.
You can use the –c option with grep to display the lines that match your search parameters.
Here is some information about regular expression wildcards.

     (GNU Extension)
     Print NUM lines (default 2) of output context.

     Suppress normal output; instead print a count 
   of matching linesfor each input file.  
   With the `-v', `--invert-match' option,
     count non-matching lines.

The next lesson demonstrates how to redirect output with the tee command[1].

coption grep - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to practice using the grep command.
coption grep - Exercise

[1]command: If set, holds the command passed to the shell with the -c option.