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Switching between files within a vi session

By entering the UNIX command vi recipe quartet, you can edit both files within the same vi session

vi displays the first file, recipe

To go to the next file, enter the :n command.

Now you are in the quartet file, as confirmed by the status line.

If you try to use :n again, the message "No more files to edit." That is because quartet is the last file in the list, so there is no "next" file.

The :rew command starts the list over, rewinding to the first file. Rewinding is typically used with 3 or more files. In this case, with only two files, you also could enter :re#

After rewinding the list, vi reports that there are 2 files to edit and that you are currently in the recipe file.

Now use the :q command to quit vi.

Instead of quitting, vi report that there is "1 more file to edit". To really quit vi, you must enter :q a second time.