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System Configuration Files - Exercise

Using the vfstab file (Solaris)

Objective: Examine the system configuration file.
This exercise allows you to practice entering commands. When finished click the Submit to continue with the course.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is not scored. When you have completed the simulation, click the OK, I'm Done button to receive full credit and to review the exercise solution.


In this exercise, you will take a closer look at the vfstab system configuration file. Start the simulation below and work through the situation presented.
Text 1
1) Text 1
Text 2
2) Text 2
Text 3
3) Text 3
Text 4
4) Text 4
Text 5
5) Text 5
Text 6
6) Text 6
Text 7
7) Text 7
  1. You are currently logged in as user1. You now need to unmount the /home directory. First, change directories to /root.
  2. Change directory
  3. cd /root
  4. Type cd /root to change to the root directory.
  1. Assert root permissions.
  2. su
  3. Type su to assert root privileges.
  1. Enter |||(S1)rootpass|||(S0) as your password.
  2. Password,
  3. rootpass
  4. The password you have entered is incorrect. Please check the instructions and try again.