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Schedule System using crontab Access in Solaris - Exercise

Editing Controlling access to crontab

Using crontab on Solaris

Objective: Use the crontab command to schedule a system shutdown.

Simulation Slide show Instructions

This exercise uses a slide show to simulate a UNIX command line and allows you to practice entering commands.
After finishing the simulat click on the Submit button to view the exercise result and continue with the course.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is not scored. When you have completed the exercise, click the Submit button to continue with the course.


Taking advantage of periodic processes is vital to effective system management with UNIX. In this exercise, you will use crontab to schedule a system shutdown. Before you can use crontab, you must 1) first assume root privileges.
2) Then you will view the contents of a file that will be the crontab entry source, and
3) finally you will use crontab. Start the simulation below and work through the situation presented.

1) Solaris Cron 1 2) Solaris Cron 2 3) Solaris Cron 3 4) Solaris Cron 4 5) Solaris Cron 5 6) Solaris Cron 6 7) Solaris Cron 7 8) Solaris Cron 8
  1. Use su command
  2. su
  3. The command you have entered is incorrect. Please check the instructions and try again.
  4. Use rootpass as the root password.
  5. Password
  6. rootpass