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Sample .cshrc File

Sample Cshrc
set history=100

  1. cat .cshrc command: The cat command displays the contents of the .cshrc file. This file should reside in your home directory.
  2. alias output block: Several aliases have been defined. These aliases will be available at log in and throughout your UNIX session, unless you disable any of them with unalias.
  3. set history command: The history variable is set to 100. This means that command history will be available, as soon as you log in, for the 100 most recent commands.
  4. set prompt command: The prompt variable defines a prompt, What next?, that will take effect at your next log in, unless you change the prompt at the command line.
  5. last lab1% prompt: Note that your current prompt is unaffected. Even though you defined a different prompt in .cshrc, the new prompt will not take effect until UNIX reads the .cshrc file, at your next login.