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Lesson 6Enhancing a NAT design for Availability and Performance
ObjectiveList the strategies used to enhance the availability and performance of NAT

Enhancing NAT Design for Availability and Performance

If your business is dependent on Internet access, you require a high degree of fault tolerance and reliability for your NAT server. Internet services such as SMTP, POP3, Web, and NNTP access are often the cornerstone of a small business, and losing Internet connectivity for just a few hours could cost the small business thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
Performance is important; a slow Internet-access solution may cause impatience and reduced productivity among workers and potential clients. If you are hosting Internet-related services (such as a Web server) on your internal network, it is worthwhile to invest in the highest performance NAT solution your budget will allow.
You can employ three strategies to enhance the availability and performance of NAT:
  1. Dedicate a computer to NAT
  2. Select persistent Internet connections
  3. Provide multiple Internet connections

The following diagram details how these strategies enhance both the availability and the performance of NAT.
NAT Security
  1. Strategy 1: Dedicating a computer to NAT
  2. Strategy 2: Selecting persistent internet connections
  3. Strategy 3: Providing multiple internet connections

Enhancing Nat Design for Availability Performance

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