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Enhancing a NAT Design for Availability and Performance

NAT Security
  1. Strategy 1 - Dedicating a computer to NAT: This strategy enhances availability by dedicating a computer to NAT
  2. Preventing other applications that run on the same computer from becoming unstable, and ultimately requiring a restart of the computer.
  3. Preventing other applications that run on the same computer from consuming system resources (like memory and processor time) and impacting NAT performance.
  4. Strategy 2 - Selecting persistent internet connections: Using a dedicated connection to prevent a lack of availability due to dial-up connections, such as busy signals. Dedicated internet connections may cost more, but DSL dedicated connection costs are comparable to high quality dial-up rates.
  5. Dedicated connections eliminate the call setup time required to establish a non-persistent dial-up connection.
  6. Strategy 3 - Providing multiple internet connections: Redundant connections to the Internet can provide real-time failover in the event of network interface device failure.
  7. Distributing the traffic across the multiple connections to the Internet. You can dedicate one connection for outbound and another for inbound communications. This increases available bandwidth for internet users accessing your internal network resources and improves performance for internal network users accessing the internet.