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Lesson 6Restricting inbound traffic with Web Publishing
ObjectiveDescribe how Proxy Server Web Publishing prevents unauthorized access to Web servers on the private network.

Restricting inbound traffic with Web Publishing

In the previous lessons, we have focused on how to restrict traffic leaving the internal network for resources on the Internet. The various methods included packet filters, domain filters, and access controls based on user account and security group membership. In this lesson, we will look at restricting traffic from the other way around: how to restrict inbound traffic that emanates from external network sources.
To restrict inbound traffic, you can enable access to HTTP or FTP servers that are located in the private network by using the Web Publishing feature of Proxy Server. If you include Web Publishing in your solution, Proxy Server examines inbound Internet-based requests and automatically does the following:
  1. Forwards the requests to HTTP or FTP servers within the private network
  2. Discards the request

You can, however, control how Web Publishing reacts by specifying various commands. The SlideShow that follows describes your options for defining criteria with Web Publishing.

  1. You can specify how Web publishing reacts when an inbound request is received and does not match any of the web publishing criteria
  2. Ignore all requests and send no response.
  3. forward all requests to the default web site on the proxy server.
  4. forward all requests to a specific web site.
  5. You can also define proxy server web publishing mapping that override the default behavior or web publishing.
  6. You can also specify the URL within the private network where the request is to be forwarded.

Web Publishing

The next lesson wraps up this module.

Restrict Inbound Traffic-Exercise

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Restrict Inbound Traffic-Exercise