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Lesson 1

Securing Proxy Server

One of the primary functions of a proxy server is to secure your internal network resources from Internet intruders. Proxy Server 2.0 includes several methods that allow you to secure your internal network resources, such as packet filters and network address translation.
The security of a Proxy Server design is measured by the ability of the design to prevent unauthorized access to data transmissions and private network resources. Proxy Server enhances security by isolating the private network from the Internet and restricting traffic between the private network and the Internet.
By the end of this module, you will understand how to:
  1. Restrict access to Internet resources
  2. Define the number of screened subnets required in the Internet connectivity design
  3. Restrict IP traffic by using IP packet filters
  4. Restrict IP traffic by using domain filters
  5. Restrict inbound traffic by using Web Publishing


Proxy server is an intermediary server between client and the interner. Proxy servers offers the following basic functionalities:
  1. Firewall and network data filtering.v
  2. Network connection sharing
  3. Data caching
Proxy servers allow to hide, conceal and make your network id anonymous by hiding your IP address.

Purpose of Proxy Servers

Following are the reasons to use proxy servers:
  1. Monitoring and Filtering
  2. Improving performance
  3. Translation
  4. Accessing services anonymously
  5. Security
In the next lesson, you will learn how to restrict access to Internet resources.