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Lesson 5 Designing a functional Proxy Server Solution
ObjectiveDescribe the decisions involved in creating a functional Internet-connectivity Proxy Server Solution

Designing a Functional Proxy Server Solution

To design an Internet-connectivity solution using Proxy Server, you must establish the essential requirements for Internet connectivity.
There are a few essential decisions that you need to make for an Internet-connectivity solution so that you can derive the specifications for the Proxy Server design. After these essential decisions are established, you can optimize the Internet-connectivity solution by adding security, availability, and performance enhancements to your design.
The three essential decisions for your Proxy Server design are as follows:
  1. First, you must decide where to place Proxy Server in the network so that network traffic is localized without compromising security
  2. Second, you must decide which IP address, persistence, data rate, and security on the router-interface characteristics affect the integration of the router into the existing network
  3. Third, you must decide how the private network clients will access the proxy server
In the next lesson, you will learn how to place Proxy Server within a network.

Most have more than one PC but with only one Internet connection. How to make all of the computers connected to the Internet? Many households are facing same problem too. Proxy server can help you sharing Internet connection with your colleagues and home members even if you have only one modem. There are many proxy server softwares for you to build your own proxy server for sharing an Internet connection. CCProxy is such a proxy server software, it's easy-to-use, powerful and efficient. With CCProxy you can implement Internet connection share solution in minutes.
As a Windows proxy server software, CCProxy can be installed on various Windows OS versions, it's compatible with Windowsd XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 etc, both 32 bit and 64 bit. CCProxy is mostly used for Windows Internet sharing. The point is CCProxy server is also available for clients with other OS such as Linux, Apple, Mobile OS etc. For personal users and family users, CCProxy is a free proxy server software, the 3 user free version works the same as registered version. The only limitation is it can support only 3 clients, but for most uncommercial user it's enough.