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Restrict Inbound Traffic with Web Publishing - Exercise

Enhancing a Proxy Server solution

Objective: Review the strategies for enhancing the security, availability, and performance of a Proxy Server solution.


This exercise is worth a total of 5 points. Once you have completed your answer, you will submit it.


The following scenario describes the requirements for enhancing the Proxy Server design of a legal firm. Read the scenario and answer the questions.


Six months after the initial installation, the legal firm has completed the conversion of the Edmonton branch office to a TCP/IP-based network. The Edmonton branch is connected to the Montreal central office through the Calgary branch office. You have been hired to evaluate the current network for the legal firm. After your evaluation, you reach the conclusion that the connections between locations are saturated.

Questions for enhancing the Security and Availability

  1. Since the initial deployment, the legal firm has experienced several security breaches from Internet-based users. What recommendations would you make to prevent future security breaches?
  2. The legal firm has started representing clients in all time zones. The senior partners have mandated that the legal assistants have Internet access 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. What design changes would you make to ensure that the legal assistants would always have Internet access?
  3. With the addition of the new Edmonton legal assistants, the increase in network traffic is severely degrading the performance of the Internet connection. What strategies could you use to improve the performance of the Proxy Server design?

Submitting your exercise

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