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Connectivity and Proxy Server - Quiz

Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer or answers for each question.

1. Your organization's internal network uses IPX/SPX as its networking protocol in order to support older NetWare file and print servers. You would also like to take advantage of protocol isolation to protect your internal network clients. You install Microsoft® Proxy Server 2.0 on a server connected to the Internet and to the internal network. You also want to take advantage of the Web-caching service provided by the proxy server. You configure the Web browsers on the internal network clients to point to the proxy server's internal IP address. However, after your installation and configuration, you get calls from users complaining that they are not able to access Internet resources. What is the most likely reason for this problem?
Please select the best answer.
  A. You must install the WinSock Client on all internal machines using IPX as their transport protocol in order to use the Web Proxy Service.
  B. You must stop and restart the Web Proxy Service on the proxy server in order for the internal network clients to connect to it.
  C. The Web Proxy Service does not support IPX connections.
  D. You must properly configure the WinSock Proxy Client software before the users can take advantage of the Web-caching feature of Proxy Server 2.0.

2. You manage a network with three physical segments that have been partitioned into three logical subnets. There is an A subnet, a B subnet, and a C subnet. All users located on subnet A are management, and all users on subnet B are clerical or temporary employees. Subnet C is a DMZ[[DMZ]] where the Internet-accessible resources for your organization are placed. You wish to allow the managers and executives full access to the Internet, but you want to place strong access controls on the non-managerial staff. How could you accomplish this?
Please select the best answer.
  A. Place an edge proxy server that all segments will use to access Internet resources. Set access control based on user account in order to limit access to certain domains to particular users and groups.
  B. Place a proxy server on subnet C and limit access from Internet users to the machines located on that subnet.
  C. Place a single proxy server on the edge of subnet A, and set access controls based on user account or group to control access to particular domains.
  D. Place proxy servers on the edges of Subnet A and Subnet B. Do not configure domain filters on the proxy server on subnet A. On the proxy server on the edge of subnet B, configure domain filters that will prevent access to selected sites.

3. You want to provide basic Web and FTP[[FTP]] services to your internal network users. However, you do not want your users to be able to access all Internet sites, because management is concerned about loss of productivity related to abusive Web surfing by employees. What proxy service would provide you with just the type of access you need for the user, and also provide you a method of controlling what internal users can access on the Internet?
Please select the best answer.
  A. The WinSock Proxy Service
  B. The Web Proxy Service
  C. The SOCKS Proxy Service
  D. The NAT Service
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