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NAT Review - Quiz

Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer or answers for each question.
Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer or answers for each question.

1. Your organization has been having problems with users accessing inappropriate content on the Internet. At the present time, you are using private IP addresses on your internal network and NAT to provide access to the Internet. How would you configure NAT to limit user exposure to objectionable content on the Internet?
Please select the best answer.
  A. Configure the packet filter in RRAS to prevent access to certain URLs.
  B. Configure a reverse proxy so that internal servers do not respond to external requests.
  C. Replace the NAT server with a Proxy Server.
  D. Configure the NAT DNS settings to prevent answers for objectionable sites.

2. You have an organization that includes 245 computers, all of which are all located on a single network ID. These computers use private IP addresses and NAT to access the Internet. The network ID that you use for these computers is, and the internal interface on the NAT server is located on that logical network. You are using the DHCP Allocator included with the NAT server. Recently, the computers have been experiencing difficulties accessing the NAT server. When you query the users, they tell you that when they can't communicate with the NAT server, they are unable to contact any other server on the network. What is most likely the problem?
Please select the best answer.
  A. The users are intermittently setting their IP settings manually, and then changing them back without telling you.
  B. A rogue DHCP server is located on the segment
  C. The DHCP Allocator has been configured with the incorrect static address pool
  D. The NAT server has temporarily been going offline, and then coming back up again.

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