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Disable Microsoft® Virtual Machine

To disable Java Virtual Machine, select Tools -->>Internet Options -->>Advanced.
Disable Microsoft® Virtual Machine by deselecting JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled as illustrated in the image below.

MS Virtual Machine

Retrieving Monitored Data About Directory Proxy Server by Using the JVM

Directory Proxy Server runs inside a Java VirtualMachine (JVM) and depends on the memory of the JVM machine. To ensure that Directory Proxy Server is running correctly, you must monitor the memory consumption of the JVM machine.
By default, the heap size of the JVM machine is 250 Mbytes. If Directory Proxy Server does not have enough physical memory, the heap size might be less than 250 Mbytes. When Directory Proxy Server is running, you can monitor the heap size of the JVM machine to ensure that it is not running out of memory. To do this, use the standard tools delivered with the JavaDevelopment Kit (JDK). These tools are located in these directories:

$JAVA_HOME/bin/jps and $JAVA_HOME/bin/jstat.