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Disable Microsoft® Virtual Machine

To disable Java Virtual Machine, select Tools>>Internet Options>>Advanced. Disable Microsoft® Virtual Machine by deselecting JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled as illustrated in the image below.

MS Virtual Machine

History of Java and Microsoft's disdain of the language
Microsoft never liked Java to begin with. In fact, just to pollute the Java environment, back in 1997 Microsoft came out with Visual J++ which was Microsoft's version of Java that would only run on Windows.
So much for write once, run anywhere. As a result Sun Microsystems sued Microsoft for introducing this non-pure version of Java to PCs. Since then Microsoft has introduced the framework which uses a CLR - Common Language Runtime environment. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the virtual machine component of Microsoft's .NET framework. The CLR manages the execution of .NET programs. A process known as just-in-time compilation converts compiled code into machine instructions which the computer's CPU then executes.
Sun Microsystems entered into a war over the heart and soul of Java, an object-oriented programming language created by Sun now managed by Oracle. Java was originally designed for use in consumer devices such as cellular phones. Java can work on any computer that has a Java runtime environment installed. It achieves this through what is known as the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), a Java code interpreter program written for each supported platform (computer and operating system) which turns the more generic Java code into a format native to the platform.