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Lesson 4

Course Project Conclusion

Learn about the project you will be completing at the end of this course.

To better prepare you to take the MCSE Exam and to provide a final opportunity to practice some of what you have learned in this course, we have designed a case study in which you will put into practice what you have learned throughout the course. If you would like a more comprehensive view of the course project.
The course project consists of a series of exercises in which you respond to design scenarios and troubleshoot various network problems that occur within TACteam, Inc, a fictitious international training and consulting company. You will be taking the role of an enterprise administrator and solving a series of problems that will help you demonstrate your ability to:
  1. Evaluate a scenario to determine the requirements that affect a NAT solution
  2. Design a NAT solution to fulfill the requirements of the scenario
  3. Evaluate a scenario and determine the design requirements for a proxy server solution
  4. Design a proxy server solution for the given scenario

Network Problems

Along the way, you will have access to important resources in the case file illustrated below that will help you make decisions and complete each task.
In Module 2, you will begin the first part of the course.