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Lesson 2 Unix Course Project
Objective Define the scenario used for course exercises and simulations.

System Administration Project

The course project will let you put to use the skills you will learn throughout this course. For this project, imagine that you are a system administrator at FarAway, one of the largest travel agencies in the country. The company includes several departments—Customer Service, Marketing, Information Systems, and Research—working together to take care of customer needs. As a system administrator, your job is to ensure that computer systems run smoothly so that customer’s travel needs are met without delay or confusion.

In order to compete effectively, FarAway management has decided to upgrade its old computer systems in favor of the latest UNIX-based equipment and also prepare an online travel site providing both free information and online purchase of travel services. You have been asked to prepare software tools to facilitate the switch to the new UNIX system and help prepare existing materials for Web-based delivery.
Your tasks as you complete this assignment involve writing programs (scripts) to convert data from the older computer system to the new UNIX formats. You also must prepare scripts to process a myriad of text-based travel information about destinations around the world. In this course, Basic UNIX Shell Programming, you will learn the skills necessary to create simple scripts to get you started with these tasks.
As you work through exercises in the course, several files in varying states of completion are provided to help you learn how to complete the assigned tasks.
You will also create some new files as your skills with shell scripts develop.