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Lesson 2 Unix Network Administration Prerequisites
Objective Verify that you have the necessary background to take this course.

Linux Unix Network Administration Prerequisites

To complete this course, students must be familiar with basic UNIX system administration functions, including:
  1. Starting and stopping a UNIX system
  2. Setting up user and group accounts on individual machines
  3. Basic backup and restore commands and procedures
  4. Monitoring a UNIX system’s activity

In addition, student should know how to:
  1. Configure TCP/IP networking on UNIX systems
  2. Administer TCP/IP services on UNIX systems
  3. Monitor TCP/IP network activity using UNIX tools
Knowledge of shell programming is helpful, but not required.

Platform support

You can take this course on any of the following platforms:
  1. Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/7
  2. UNIX (any version)
  3. Mac OS