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Lesson 3 What you need
Objective Learn what you need to take this course.

Hardware and Software Requirements for Linux Network Administration


No additional software is required for this course. You will practice what you learn by using online simulations that mimic a UNIX command-line environment. If you have a UNIX machine and system administrator privileges, you can also try the exercises on your own to learn more about how your specific system works.

Monitor resolution

The simulations in Linux/UNIX Network Administration II require a minimum monitor resolution of 800x600. If your resolution is set lower than this, some of the screens in the simulations will be too large to fit on your screen.

Other resources

You can find a list of UNIX-related Internet resources. Remember, you can reach the Resources page at any time throughout the course by clicking the Resources button on the toolbar.

Course bookstore

The following book which discusses linux and network administration is recommended.
Linux System Administration
These books are not required to take this course, but they do contain helpful, additional information.