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Lesson 10

Unix sendmail Program (Conclusion)

In this module, you learned the basics of configuring, testing, and running the sendmail program. Now that you have completed this module, you should be able to:
  1. Explain the email process and the use of agents
  2. List the major responsibilities of the sendmail agent
  3. Describe how sendmail uses the SMTP protocol to forward email across the Internet
  4. Compile sendmail
  5. Use a .mc template file and M4 to create a sendmail configuration file automatically
  6. Test a new sendmail configuration before deploying it
  7. Use nslookup to view MX records

Key terms

In this module, we used the following terms:
  1. aliasing: Aliasing allows all users to refer to users by simple nicknames or by names other than their UNIX user name
  2. M4: M4 is a macro language that works with sendmail and, among other things, greatly simplifies sendmail configuration.
  3. Mail Delivery Agent: A Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) copies the message from the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) into the users mailbox file.
  4. Mail Exchange (MX) record: An MX record is a type of Resource Record that defines a mail exchange host.
  5. Mail Transfer Agent: A Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is a program that routes email among different machines.
  6. Mail User Agent: A Mail User Agent (MUA) is a program that allows users to compose, send, receive, and access email messages
  7. masquerading: Masquerading is the ability for a sendmail daemon to rewrite a subdomain\'s email address.
  8. SMTP: Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) is an application layer protocol for routing email.

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