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Testing Sendmail Configuration - Exercise

Objective: Test a new sendmail configuration before deploying it.

Exercise scoring

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In this exercise, you will use an alternative sendmail.cf file to test your sendmail configuration. When you are sure the new configuration file is working properly, you will update the old configuration file and start the sendmail daemon. Start the simulation below and work through the situation presented. Enter what you think should be the solution in the textbox at the bottom of the page.

1) Test Sendmail 1 2) Test Sendmail 2 3) Test Sendmail 3 4) Test Sendmail 4 5) Test Sendmail 5 6) Test Sendmail 6 7) Test Sendmail 7 8) Test Sendmail 8
  1. You are in the /usr/sendmail/cf/cf directory of linuxhost.corporation.com. You have created an alternative sendmail.cf file in this directory so you can test it before you actually deploy it. On this system, sendmail's PID is 289. Before you can test your alternative configuration, kill sendmail .
  2. Kill sendmail
  3. kill 289
  4. Type (S1)kill 289 to kill sendmail .
  5. Issue the sendmail command with the -bd options and the correct option so sendmail will use your new configuration file. Use the full path of the configuration file: /usr/sendmail/cf/cf/.
  6. Test sendmail
  7. sendmail -bd -C /usr/sendmail/cf/cf/sendmail.cf
  8. Type (S1)sendmail -bd -C /usr/sendmail/cf/cf/sendmail.cf to test sendmail using your alternative configuration file.
  9. The sendmail daemon is now using your alternative configuration file instead of the one in /etc/mail. Use the tail command to view the maillog file in the /var/log directory.