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Lesson 9

Unix Name Server Conclusion

This module discussed how to set up a name server on a UNIX computer. Now that you have completed this module, you should be able to:
  1. List the components required for configuring a DNS server
  2. List the steps of the DNS server configuration process
  3. Collect the information you need to create the zone files
  4. Create and position your zone files
  5. Set up the proper directives in the named.boot file
  6. Start and troubleshoot the name server process
  7. Configure the DNS clients and troubleshooting the DNS configuration

Unix Commands

In this module, we discussed the following commands:

Command Purpose
kill -TERM Stops a process completely
kill -HUP Stops a process and forces it to re-read its configuration file

Configuring NameService Support for IPv6

The following describes how to configure the DNS and NIS name services to support IPv6 services.
Note: LDAP supports IPv6 without requiring IPv6-specific configuration tasks.

How to Add IPv6 Addresses to DNS

1. Log in to the primary or secondary DNS server as Primary Administrator or as superuser. The Primary Administrator role includes the Primary Administrator profile. To create the role and assign the role to a user.
2. Edit the appropriate DNS zone file by adding AAAA records for each IPv6-enabled node:
host-name IN AAAA host-address

3. Edit the DNS reverse zone file and add PTR records:
host-address IN PTR hostname