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Resource Record Abbreviations

Resource Record Types

This page shows matching terms for Resource Record abbreviations to their corresponding Resource record descriptions:
  1. NS (Name Server): Declares a name server for a zone
  2. SOA (State of Authority): Sets basic parameters for a zone
  3. MX (Mail Exchange): Defines a mail exchange host
  4. A (Address): Specifies a name-to-address mapping
  5. CNAME (Canonical Name): Defines an alias for a host
  6. PTR (Pointer): Specifies an address-to-name mapping
  7. HINFO (Host Information): Describes the architecture and operating system of a host in the database

Linux System Administration

System Information Record (HINFO)

Allows definition of the Hardware type and Operating System (OS) in use at a host. For security reasons these records are rarely used on public servers. If a space exists in the field it must be enclosed in quotes. Single space between Hardware and OS parameters.

owner-name ttl  class   rr      Hardware        OS
                IN      HINFO   PC-Intel-700mhz "Redhat Linux 7.1"

A HINFO-record specifies the host/server's type of CPU and operating system. This information can be used by application protocols such as FTP, which use special procedures when communicating with computers of a known CPU and operating system type. Standard CPU and operating system types are defined in RFC1700. To create a new HINFO-record, right-click a zone in the left list in the DNS Records window, and select "Other new record" from the pop-up menu. This record type is defined in RFC1035.