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Welcome to Distributed Networks Student Orientation!

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Corporate and datacenter network complexity is growing beyond the reach of the historically available tools. This is a result of supporting network-intensive initiatives such as virtualization and bring your own device (BYOD). The need for accurate and dynamic IP address management (IPAM) is ever growing. The IP address is the single, unique identifier for every object on the network, be it physical or virtual; ranges of IP addresses define the networks themselves. DispersedNet takes IP addresses and their management to a new level, providing layers of information that help IT departments and enterprises on the whole to have centralized visibility and management of every network resource and advancing the concept of IP resource management.
  1. Active Directory Administration
  2. Advanced Unix Concepts
  3. Unix Shell Programming
  4. Basic Unix Shell Scripts
  5. Installing/Confinguring Windows Networking
  6. Linux Network Administration
  7. Linux Unix System Administration
  8. Network Security and Firewalls
  9. Admin/Network Engineer Interview Questions