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Built-in and External Commands

The following table shows a few of the built-in and external commands that are often used in shell scripts. You will learn what each command does in the lessons and modules to come. This table is intended to help you recognize which commands are external and which are built in to the shell.

GNU Emacs

The Emacs variable remote-shell-program contains the path to any desired program for invoking a remote shell. Simply redefine it to be the full path to your ssh executable. Also, the rlogin package, rlogin.el, defines a variable rloginprogram you can redefine to use slogin.

Shell Programming

  1. basename: Print the last component of a pathname, optionally removing a suffix.
  2. dirname: Print all but the last component of a pathname.
  3. echo: Repeat command-line arguments on the output.
  4. expr: Perform arithmetic and comparisons.
  5. id: Print user and group ID and name information.
  6. line: Read a line of input.
  7. printf: Format and print command-line arguments.
  8. sleep: Pause during processing.
  9. test: Test a condition.

Linux Shell Scripting