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Logfile Contents in Redhat Linux

1) This shows the end of the messages log, /var/log/message. It shows the date, time, machine, user, and message generated.

2) This shows the end of the security log, /var/log/secure. It lists all failed attempts to access the machine. It lists date, time, host machine, network service requested, and where the service was requested.

3) The file, /var/log/xferlog, shows incoming and outgoing file transfers. It lists the date, time, machine name the information is being transferred to, file being transferred, user requesting the transfer, service used for transfer, and whether it was complete.

4) This shows all the users who are currently connected, by listing the end of /var/run/utmp.

5) This shows a history of all the users who have logged in by examining   /var/log/utmp. It lists the user name, where they logged in from, and date and time of the log in.

6) This shows the last few entries from the process accounting log. Currently, there are no entries, indicating either the logfiles were recently rotated or process accounting was just started.