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Secure remote login and Access

In the enterprise environment, system administrators often need to deal with a large number of basic problems on the machines of users. Remotely taking control of a user's desktop to fix the problem, while at the same time training the user how to resolve the problem for themselves, is an effective and simple way to handle these types of support scenarios. This chapter describes how to use vncviewer and Terminal Server Client to gain remote access to a user's desktop to aid in the administration of the remote system. Both vncviewer and Terminal Server Client allow the administrator to connect to a user's desktop session in a way that allows both the user and the administrator to simultaneously view the same desktop screen, including all currently active applications and actions (such as mouse movements, etc.) While vncviewer is primarily for connecting to a Linux desktop, Terminal Server Client can be used to access both Windows and Linux desktops.

Here is an example of accessing a machine using secure shell

Here is an example of retrieving a file from a remote machine using a secure copy program

mylogin@localhost:file is the login of the machine you are currently using

myremotelogin@remotehost:file is the login of the machine you wish to access which is remotehost.