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The X Windows System

How do you install the X Windows System?

  1. The first step in installing the X Windows System is to select the proper monitor. For this simulation, we will use an ADI MicroScan 2E. Click this choice now.
  2. Now click the OK button to accept this choice.
  3. After you select the monitor, the install checks to see what video hardware is present and probes for mode information. You can see that the configuration utility has found a mode with 32-bit color depth and high resolution. Select the Let me choose option to select the video modes to enable the information given.
  4. The third step is to select the video modes you want to use. First, deselect the 1280x1024 setting by clicking the square next to it. To add 1024x768 in 16-bit mode to the list, click the square next to it. Add 800x600 in the 24-bit mode by clicking the square next to it.
  5. Select OK to accept these two modes.
  6. Now choose OK to start the X server and test the configuration.
  7. Congratulations--the X server has started correctly.