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Route command output in Solaris

Output of the route command

The routing table and route command
  1. Any traffic destined for the network address (the local network) does not need a gateway, and should be sent out interface eth0.
  2. Any traffic intended for network address (the loopback address) should be sent out the loopback interface.
  3. Traffic not intended for the local network or the loopback address defaults to the machine, which is the gateway machine.
  4. “U” indicates that the route is UP.
  5. “G” indicated that the route is a gateway.

Linux System Administration

Reading Routes and IP Information

Assuming an already configured machine named isolde, let uslook at the IP addressing and routing table. Next we will examine how the machine communicates with computers (hosts) on the locally reachable network. We will then send packets through our default gateway to other networks. After learning what a default route is, we will look at a static route.
One of the first things to learn about a machine attached to an IP network is its IP address. We will begin by looking at a machine named isolde on the main desktop network (
The machine isolde is alive on IP and has been properly configured by the system administrator. By examining the route and ifconfig output we can learn a good deal about the network to which isolde is connected.