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Integrating Proxy Server into existing Networks

WinSock, Active Directory, IPX/SPX

  1. It supports IP and Internetwork Packet Exchange/ Sequenced Package Exchange.
    (IPX/SPX) protocols on private networks so that IP and IPX /SPX based clients can access the Internet through Proxy Server.
    In order to use IPX on your internal network, the Proxy Server 2.0 clients will need to have the WinSock client software installed.
    The Web Proxy and SOCKS proxy services do not support IPX.
  2. It supports integration with the Active Directory directory service accounts in Windows 2000 to provide single logon access for users on Windows-based computers. Access controls can be configured based on user account or security group membership, because Proxy Server 2.0 can be integrated with the Active Directory security provider.
  3. It supports both Windows Sockets (WinSock) and non-WinSock clients on a variety of client operating systems.
    Microsoft operating systems use the WinSock interface to access internet resources.
    Network-aware programs used to acces the Internet and written for Microsoft operating systems will typically use the WinSock interface.
    You can use these programs with the Proxy server by taking advantage of the WinSock Proxy Server and client components.