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Tape control commands

remote version of mt

Red Hat Linux also includes a remote version of mt named rmt. As with most of the so-called r commands, the use of rmt with rsh is not recommended in security-conscious environments. For such environments, OpenSsh can be used as a replacement for rsh.
Magnetic tape is a non-volatile storage medium consisting of a magnetic coating on a thin plastic strip. Nearly all recording tape is of this type, whether used for video, audio storage or general purpose digital data storage using a computer.
Linux uses the mt command to control magnetic tape drive operation. You need to use mt command when working with a tape drive. It allows you to reading and writing to tape.

The mount command mounts NFS shares on the client side. Its format is as follows:
# mount -t nfs -o options host:/remote/export /local/directory

This command uses the following variables: options: A comma-delimited list of mount options;
The hostname, IP address, or fully qualified domain name of the server exporting the file system you wish to mount

The file system or directory being exported from the server, that is, the directory you wish to mount
The client location where /remote/export is mounted