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Factors to consider when assigning Site Link Costs

1) Choose proportional cost values: Ensure that the cost values that you choose are proportional to each other

2) Choose proportional cost values. For example, if the connection from Seattle to Miami is twice as fast as the connection from Seattle to Denver

3) Choose proportional cost values: you should assign a cost value to the Seattle-Denver connection that is twice the value of the Seattle-Miami connection.

4) Plan for faster connections: Allow for faster connections than those you currently have when you choose your cost values.

5) In our example, you could assign a cost of 1 to the Seattle-Miami connection and a cost of 2 to the Seattle-Denver connection.

6) Build in flexibility: Adjust costs of existing links to accomodate new ones.

7) Build in flexibility: For example, if you added a link between Miami and Denver that was slower than the Seattle-Miami connection but faster than the Miami-Denver connection, you would adjust the costs of the existing links to accomodate the new link.